Synthstrom Deluge v3 Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at firmware 3.0 for the Synthstrom Deluge workstation.

The video includes a full overview of the Deluge, in addition to digging into the details of the new features.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Grid views
1:50 Controls
4:40 Connectivity
5:35 Project overview
7:55 Sequencing
11:10 Chance & iteration
12:00 Playing live
13:40 Automation
15:10 Song view
17:40 Arranger
21:15 Synth engine
22:50 FM synth
24:40 Multisampling
25:45 Time stretch
27:10 Filters
28:05 Voice options
29:30 Modulation
32:30 Audio clips
33:30 Looping
35:00 Overdub layers
36:40 Resampling
37:45 Effects
39:35 MIDI & CV
41:05 Misc

5 thoughts on “Synthstrom Deluge v3 Hands-On Demo

    1. not so long ago… and well, Force and Deluge are quite different machines – Deluge can be considered as mobile, battery powered, instant hands-on sketch pad, while Force is rather centre piece of your studio – somewhat sluggish albeit more capable/deeper PC-centric machine

  1. I have the akai force and it is a very good sequencer, but deluge has trig condition probabilty and akai has not. And i have not a deluge…..

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