Three New Polyend Eurorack Modules Now Shipping

Today, Polish synth-makers Polyend announced that the Eurorack modules they had introduced in introduced in May at Superbooth 2019 in Berlin, are now available for purchase.

Among the new modules is the Preset, a preset manager for Eurorack synthesizers (pictured above), but Polyend developers add, “it’s much more than this.” Preset has 9 LED colored clickable encoders, allowing the user to store up to nine different CV output values in 32 banks of 32 presets. (“Yep, 1024 in total!”).

Three colors. Three modes:

  • Green – Gate mode – sends values from 0V to 10V only when the pad is pressed. Once released, the Gate outputs 0V.
  • Blue – Constant Value mode – sends values from 0V to 10V constantly.
  • Cyan – Notes mode – sends quantised constant values (V/Oct or Hz/V) that correspond to the notes in a chosen musical scale.
Polyend Preset

Preset Product Feaures:

  • Nine independent CV output values in 32 banks of 32 presets.
  • Save and recall Notes, Gates, Constant values or Recorded automations.
  • Play your presets live or sequence is using Gate Mode.
  • Smoothing option can smooth out your recorded automation.
  • Built in 32 scales.
  • Slew option allows you to morph values from one preset to another in a chosen amount of time.
  • Record in your LFO or Envelope from external modules.
  • Create your own scale with micro tuning.
  • Create crazy sequences using CV Mode.

The company also announced that two additional Eurorack modules also began shipping today. Polyend Anywhere makes it possible to run a defined Eurorack setup powered from a portable USB power bank, free from a wall power outlet.

Polyend Anywhere Features:

  • Width: 4HP.
  • Powers +12V/+5V/-12V.
  • Max. output current: 1A for 12VDC, 1A for -12V. +5VDC dependent upon the power bank performance.
  • Ribbon cable with ten outputs included.
  • High quality USB cable included.

The third module now shipping is Polyend Poly 2, a MIDI to CV converter module. It allows the user to connect their computer or smartphone to its USB port; and class-compliant MIDI controllers connect via USB Host, and “all the other device[s]” via the MIDI jack port. The Eurorack module offers an array of analog outputs, affording the user the versatility to hook up “loads” of different types of modules. Settings are adjusted on an OLED screen with a “straightforward” menu system. Set, save and recall parameters with a click of an encoder.

In order to be compatible with every MIDI device, Poly 2 also gives users a wide array of customizable parameters. It also works with MPE devices. Poly 2 accomodates a range of voltage norms, with different standards for Pitch and Gate, allowing it to work with Eurorack modules, Buchla, and other CV-operated instruments.

Polyend Poly 2 Features:

  • Up to 8 voices (Gate + Pitch pairs) and 12 configurable outputs.
  • Full input and output customization (pitch standard, pitch bend, middle C, voltage standard, etc.).
  • Save and Recall your sets of parameters (plus autosave option).
  • Different Play modes (First, Next, Channel and Notes) for different use cases.
  • Musical scale filtering (allows you to generate instant musical results from any type of controller).
  • MPE compatibility.

Pricing and Availability. The three Polyend Eurorack modules introduced in May are available for purchase today via the Polyend webstore and retailers worldwide. Polyend Poly 2 retails for $349 US. Polyend Anywhere retails for $149 US. Polyend Preset retails for $399 US.  Find out more at the Polyend website.

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  1. Nice rack…but polyend anywhere is only the powersupply with ribbon etc. I don’t see a link for the casing. I see a lot of idiot pricing for casing on the internet.

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