Novation LaunchKey MINI MK3 Review & Demo

The latest loopop video takes a look at the new Novation Launchkey Mini mkII,

Key features of the Launchkey Mini MK3 include a new arpeggiator, Fixed Chord mode, Capture MIDI, 16 big RGB pads, mini-jack MIDI Out, transport controls and more.

Video Summary:

“Novation just updated their Launchkey Mini and gave it a built-in arpeggiator with a few pretty interesting generative features.

In this video, I review every aspect of the MK3, including its integration with Ableton Live, it’s new support for TRS A, and walk through the arpeggiator.

I also spend about 4 minutes explaining the conflicting MIDI TRS standards and show 3 ways to bridge them….”

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
1:45 Keybed
2:10 Pads
3:30 3.5mm MIDI
4:45 TRS A vs B
7:25 Arpeggiator
9:30 Mutate/deviate
11:20 Ableton Live
13:20 Bottom row
14:10 Pad modes
14:50 Knob modes
16:20 Using an iPad
17:50 Misc
18:50 Pros & cons

6 thoughts on “Novation LaunchKey MINI MK3 Review & Demo

  1. I’ve always liked the overall design of the LKM but those low profile knobs were cheap feeling to me IMO

    Great to see that the newest version appears to have updated the knobs to a more modern design

  2. The Capture MIDI feature is a good idea. Apparently this keyboard at all times continually records and time tags everything you play. If you press Capture MIDI it replays the last bit that you played. So if you are doodling and realize you just played something cool you press this button and it replays it. It mentions Live but I hope it works with everything not just Live, there’s no reason for such a feature to be tied into a single platform.

      1. Thats original a feature from FL Studio not from Ableton. They introduced it let me guess 8 years ago.
        Ableton copied it like so many other features from FL.

        1. As a user of FL since v2 and now a new Ableton user, FL has been copying Ableton features wholesale without really fixing their workflow issues of 10000 clicks per minute or their insanely bad midi support (keep stripping out pitch bend, thanks!) or their insanely bad bouncing/rendering tech or no PDC on automation events. I still love FL SO MUCH, but god it’s still so hobbyist in the wrong ways.

        2. We are talking about the LaunchKey MINI MK3 here.

          It has a “Capture MIDI” button.

          It works with Ableton Live’s “Capture MIDI” function.

          It DOESN’T work with FL.

          Live’s Capture is different from FL’s “Dump log”, it can overdub, it can detect BPM, it is MIDI assignable.

          “Dump score” doesn’t even have shortcut, much less a MIDI button.

          So how Ableton copied a “original feature” from FL that FL CAN’T ACTUALLY DO?

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