ASM Hydrasynth Review

The latest Sonic State Sonic Lab review, host Nick Batt takes a look at the new ASM Hydrasynth.

With the Hydrasynth, ASM bucks the cheap retro analog trend, instead delivering an 8-voice wavetable synth design, with some rare pro features like polyphonic aftertouch and a ribbon controller.

“I think this is a prime example of how to design a heavily featured digital synth, notes Batt. “I can’t really find fault with it.” He adds that, at £1,299/$1299, the Hydrasynth is “a very reasonable (possibly under-priced) proposition.”

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Is it time for more forward-looking synth designs with expressive performance features>?

11 thoughts on “ASM Hydrasynth Review

  1. I’m impressed. This is a great price, great sound, covers the same sort of sonic territory that Waldorf’s MicroWave did with a superior UI and what seems to be great build quality. I’d have to sell something else to make room for it…and if it feels as nice as it looks, I think I just might.

  2. This looks pretty spectacular. The question is, can it do bass? I just haven’t heard demos where it is able to grind good bass, although on paper there is no reason it shouldn’t be able to.

  3. Jesus H Christ my brain hurts just taking in all those features/options. Im with Robert D if this was the PRo-3 it would be a massive hit. This thing is seriously tempting me to buy my first digital synth!

  4. I had high hopes for this – especially with the poly aftertouch, but It doesn’t seem to be an inherently musically-pleasing synth based on this demo. Screechiness seems to predominate.

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