Arturia AudioFuse 8 Pre Interface Now Available

AudioFuse 8Pre, Arturia’s dual-mode 8-channel audio interface / expander, is now available worldwide. Announced at NAMM 2019, this audio interface fits 8 channels of premium analog audio into a “simple, intuitive” interface.

AudioFuse 8Pre Features:

  • 8 premium preamps – bespoke DiscretePRO© mic preamps
  • Dual functionality – can be used as a standalone multi-in/out interface, or as a high quality expander for another interface
  • Pristine audio quality – highest quality components to provide an optimal recording and listening experience with “totally flat” response and perfect AD/DA conversion
  • Desktop or rackmount – rack ears can face forward to mount in a 19” studio rack, or face down to use as a desktop interface
  • Fantastic included software – AudioFuse 8Pre comes with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, with accurately-recreated vintage preamps and studio effects

Included: AudioFuse Creative Suite. This new software anthology brings together some favorites from Arturia’s “You’ll Actually Use” effects series together with Analog Lab Lite, a software instrument that contains hundreds of presets from Arturia’s V Collection.

Arturia have published an overview tutorial for the new AudioFuse 8 Pre interface:

Pricing and Availability. Arturia’s AudioFuse 8Pre is now available to purchase now for $799/699€ at outlets around the world. To locate a dealer near you, or for more information, check the Arturia website.

6 thoughts on “Arturia AudioFuse 8 Pre Interface Now Available

  1. This is an audio interface for people who don’t know better.

    Who in their right mind will trust Arturia with the most crucial part of his studio?
    You need to have a very short memory if you don’t remember all the problem they have with drivers and the slow support with all of there hardware (minilab / beatstep update petition rings a bell?)

    No wonder the second feature is as stand alone converter, But it’s not special, most 8 preamps interface with ADAT can act as a stand alone converter. its a smart adverting move… I can understand why Arturia will want to emphasis that.
    Now tell me how much you love and satisfied of your Arturia products, Just remember, a midi keyboard is not the same as an audio interface.

    Good luck for the suckers who will buy it, I’m for one will never buy into this money grubbing machine.

    1. Don’t be so quick to dismiss. I scaled down to the small AudioFuse after 20 years of using various flavors of Motu gear. I’m mostly synth focused and it’s been a treat with the features it has. I’ve recorded and gigged with it. With this 8pre, they’re hoping to capitalize on folks like me who wouldn’t mind some extra inputs coming in via ADAT. The price point is pretty spot on for a solid input expansion device and there’s not much competition for this kind of device.

      I would’ve probably bought this if I hadn’t just been gifted a 14 input, 4 bus mixer that I’m using before the AudioFuse.

      Fwiw, I’ve had zero issues with drivers, connectivity, latency or dropouts. They took forever to release it so I think they spent time getting it right.

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