Reason 11 Now Available, Featuring New Reason Rack Plugin

Reason Studios has released Reason 11, featuring the new Reason Rack Plugin.

“This release marks a new era for Reason,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager. “More musicians can explore the powerful Reason Rack than ever before —as a plugin or a DAW.”

Reason’s rack of virtual synths, instruments and effects can now be used in any DAW with the Reason Rack Plugin. The plugin is available as a VST3 plugin today. An AU version is coming soon.

Reason 11 also features six new devices, a host of workflow improvements, and a new Reason Suite offering.

New in Reason 11:

  • Quartet Chorus Ensemble: Spice up your sound with four flavors of chorus and ensemble effects. From classic vintage chorus to the unique sound of granular ensemble.
  • Sweeper Modulation Effect: Add more color with this high quality, multi-talented phaser, flanger and filter unit with expansive dynamic modulation options.
  • Master Bus Compressor: Reason’s trusted ready-for-radio bus compressor can now be applied anywhere in the rack.
  • Channel Dynamics: Use the subtle compressor, expander and gate from Reason’s studio-grade mixer anywhere in your signal chain.
  • Channel EQ: The legendary modeled EQ unit featured in countless platinum recordings is now its own rack device.
    Scenic Hybrid Instrument: A cinematic dream machine of atmospheric sounds, textures and powerful performance controls.

Three versions of Reason 11 are available: Reason Intro, Reason and Reason Suite. The top-of-the-line version, Reason Suite, includes more than 70 devices, including the newly released Scenic Hybrid Instrument, Complex-1 Modular Synth, Umpf Club Drums, Umpf Retro Beats, Reason Electric Bass, Reason Drum Kits, Processed Pianos, Layers Wave Edition, Layers, Parsec Spectral Synthesizer, Radical Keys, Polar Dual Pitch Shifter, Rotor Rotary Speaker, PolyStep Sequencer, Quad Note Generator, and Drum Sequencer.

Pricing and Availability

Reason 11 is available now, with the following prices:

  • Reason 11 Intro: 79 EUR / $99.
  • Reason 11: 359 EUR / $399.
  • Reason 11 Suite: 549 EUR / $599.

Upgrade pricing is also available, starting from 129 EUR / $129. Details on all versions are available at the Reason Studios site.

48 thoughts on “Reason 11 Now Available, Featuring New Reason Rack Plugin

  1. Because I bought full version 10 earlier this year the upgrade price on offer means version 11 would be a poor investment for me. I don’t think they thought out the pricing for that upgrade path very well. Also, although it has been decent on my secondary keyboard computer, Reason is behind many other programs in terms of MIDI control. This new release is a clear indication that I need to decide on a new DAW for that machine that is more focused on keeping up with more modern control and MIDI2; and on being a DAW. Maybe I’ll go with another Cubase computer or Bitwig.

    1. I’ve been in the game for thirty years and I continue to use less and less hardware. The more I use my ears instead of my gear-lust eyes the more I have to admit that I can make better and more sonically amazing music with software than I can with hardware. Not everyone is the same, and I think this will be very successful.

      1. I tend to agree, I do enjoy hardware a lot, it is definitely fun, but software synths just have vastly more options and capabilities than any hardware. The best thing about reason was the plugins, and a lot of people (including myself) want to use these plugins within their own daw.

      2. I’ve been working in the music industry for 30 years and I stopped using hardware five years ago. Do I love hardware synths? Hell yes. I’d love a Matriarch but I wouldn’t be able to use it on too many reggaeton tracks.

      3. I got the reason 10+ update and now that I’m looking at the upgrade features for me to go to 11 I’m 100% positive I will save my money and wait for reason 12. Reason studios flopped on that one…

        I’m any case I’ve been using reason since v5 and I’m happy with how things are going. The Sand box workflow works well with me. I do wish they would let me switch up audio inputs and outputs between multiple audio cards.

        I didn’t think I’d like the new drum machine at first but now I’m into it.

  2. About 5 years too late. Do people still use computers to make music besides mixing and mastering? The thought of using a computer makes me not want to work on music at all these days.

    1. I’d say most people make new music with computers these days. Milions are using Garageband Logic Reason Cubase etc etc. So me and of lot of people making music with computers find it cool that Reason plugins now can be used in most other programs. As they and their partners have some real crackers.

    2. How’s that so?

      I have no idea how’s the music world nowadays (production wise), but two, three, four, years ago, there was plugins for everything you could think about. Time went by, so I presume things are even more developed. There’s people who music only on computer; others only on hardware; and then theres people who do a mix of both.

      Don’t take my comment wrong, but I was really keen to understand why you’re so taxative saying no one uses computer nowadays. Just curious.

    3. Most professional music producers I know do 80-100% in the box, at least in my niche (media composition for television etc.) Hardware seems to be more of a thing for hobbyists that jam around, because workflow and efficiency don’t matter that much.

      1. Totally agree. You can make great music with sequencers and drum machines and it’s fun, but it’s electronic noodling. If you need to create songs with vocals, guitars, orchestration, you’re not going to use anything but a computer and a DAW.

    4. Hardware is fashionable these days. Especially if it’s rare and expensive. The music industry has turned into a late computer age collectors fest, where the goal seems to be to collect as many boxes with blinking lights as possible.

      It’s especially nonsensical when you consider the absolutely stunning softsynths and effect plugins that are available today. I don’t need a physical Synclavier, Jupiter 8 or vintage Universal Audio effects because “good enough” emulations are available for a tiny fraction of the cost.

      1. Not only that, but quite a few hardware devices are just a low-spec computer architecture in a different box. With added flashing lights and knobs, of course, and the advantage that you don’t get email notifications while you’re jamming.

    5. Nope. No one is using computers for music any more. All those software companies are out of business. Go back to sleep.

  3. Happy enough with Reason 10 for the past year, that I don’t feel the need to upgrade.

    On Hardware Vs. Software:
    I enjoy “playing around” with my studio hardware, and it usually leads to sonic inspiration, but I actually don’t seem to produce any complete tracks without using Reason.

  4. Logic+Maschine+Komplete – I really can’t deal with more software right now- but the Scenic hybrid instrument sounds cool… I wonder if it’s in the entry level product?

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