Free Sound Library For The Korg microKorg

Synthesist Todd Smith has shared a free collection of sounds for the classic Korg microKorg synthesizer.

The microKorg has been on the market for 17 years – and it still is a popular synth, because it’s affordable, it’s versatile and it does a lot of things well.

Smith’s sound library is a free download (sysex format) and does a good job of showcasing the range of the microKorg, including pads, percussive plucks, leads and more.

If you haven’t worked with sysex files before, check out the video below, via STRKLNG. It offers a quick demo of loading sysex files onto the microKorg:

3 thoughts on “Free Sound Library For The Korg microKorg

  1. It’s damn good, but the worst mini-keys I’ve played, and I pretty much only play mini-keys. Even my Casio SA-35 for $30 has better keys.

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