IK Multimedia Intros Hammond B-3X Virtual Instrument

IK Multimedia has introduced the Hammond B-3X tonewheel organ virtual instrument, created in collaboration with Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan.

The new virtual instrument recreates the sound, controls and effects signal path of the classic Hammond B-3 organ.

In addition to its authentic organ sound, this new instrument offers a full-rig chain including stomp effects, an extended version of IK’s Leslie Collection, a rotary cabinet with mix-and-match amp and cabinet models plus four microphones, a parallel guitar amp with 4×12 cabinet, a mixer and three studio post effects.

Available for Mac/PC as a stand-alone application and as a virtual instrument plug-in, the Hammond B-3X offers convenience for both recording and performing.

“We’re excited about the very first official Hammond/Leslie Virtual Instrument, and the partnership with IK Multimedia which made it happen,” notes Hammond USA Executive Vice President Peter Nguyen. “The teams certainly captured the qualities that have made the Hammond Organ an essential part of music for the past 85 years.”


Hammond B-3X details:

  • Hammond B-3X begins with 91 tonewheels, based on well-maintained Hammond organs that IK studied in locations around the world. These free-running tonewheels are mixed in real-time based on the notes played and drawbar levels.
  • Hammond B-3X can be fine-tuned using IK’s detailed models of the original settings, controls and circuits, which were all approved by the Hammond Organ Company. Users can employ tonal filtering, select the independent key click, and engage the iconic Hammond percussion and chorus-vibrato circuits with advanced controls.
  • For deeper exploration and realistic touches, the virtual Hammond B-3X offers a familiar simulation of the effects of “aging” components to control tonal balance, generator leakage and crosstalk, and the chorus circuit’s presence boost.
  • True tone: All the controls are designed to recreate the experience of playing a classic, hardware B-3 organ – from the order of the chorus/vibrato settings to the placement of the percussion switches. Some additional features have been included as well, for modern convenience.
  • The drawbars update in real-time when the inverted drawbar settings keys are selected, allowing users to save 24 custom drawbar settings per preset. For live use, a “Controls” view hides the keyboard and enlarges the drawbars and switches for less distraction while playing. MIDI assignments for modern Hammond digital organs are also included, making it plug-and-play easy to perform with everything at arm’s reach.
  • Extended stomp box effects: The organ feeds a 5-unit pedalboard in the STOMPS section that features overdrive, graphic EQ, stomp box-style chorus-vibrato, wah wah and spring reverb. Derived from IK’s AmpliTube and T-RackS software, these effects were carefully chosen and arranged for easy recreation of the widest range of tonewheel organ sounds. They can also be assigned to MIDI control for on-stage use.
  • Real Leslie sound: The signal is then sent to a CABS section that includes a choice of real Leslie amps and speakers that can be mixed and matched, along with a parallel guitar amp and 4×12 cabinet.

Using technology derived from IK’s AmpliTube 4 amplifier modeling, combined with an extended version of IK’s Leslie Collection, Hammond B-3X’s cabinet section offers a wide range of sound-shaping option tabs. They include:

  • Setup – lets users fine tune the Leslie’s slow and fast speed settings – including acceleration and deceleration – and adjust the mic distance and configuration
  • Leslie Amp – offers a selection of five Leslie power amps (or a power amp modeling off switch) and two guitar power amps to use in any of five Leslie cabinets, with full control over gain, EQ and volume
  • Leslie EQ – enables the rotary speaker to be shaped with high-pass, low-pass and parametric mid EQ
  • Guitar Amp – adds a parallel guitar amp derived from AmpliTube into the mix for use with popular rock tones used by top rock and blues players; offers full tone-shaping controls and spring reverb
  • Mixer – blends the sound of the Leslie, with independent volume and panning of both the horn and drum mics, the parallel guitar amp, and the DI organ sound for unprecedented tonal flexibility

Lastly, Hammond B-3X offers three rackmount studio effects derived from IK’s T-RackS Mixing and Mastering Workstation:

  • IK’s Limiter 76 FET-based compressor;
  • the EQ-81 adds classic console tone-shaping and warmth; and
  • a digital reverb.

Pricing and Availability

Hammond B-3X is available from the IK Multimedia online store and from authorized IK dealers worldwide for a special introductory price of €/$199.99 (regular pricing will be €/$299.99). IK customers with qualifying registered products with a retail value of €/$99.99 or more will be eligible for special introductory crossgrade pricing of €/$149.99 (regular crossgrade pricing will be €/$199.99).

8 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Intros Hammond B-3X Virtual Instrument

  1. I can’t believe they would release this when Behringer announced a HARDWARE Hammond B-3 for just $66.66. Some of these companies are truly foolish!

    1. Wow, if only Behringer could produce a full organ for that cheap! I’m pretty sure that just the case couldn’t be produced that cheaply. A new Hammond B3 Mk2 goes for 9k to 22k, and even with the Made in China price cut, it would still be painful to the pocketbook.

      1. There is no “can’t” nor “couldn’t” with Behringer. They can do anything using any means possible, ethically of course.

  2. And just because they can print the original “Hammond” logo on the GUI, it cost double than all the other B3 VST’s…..

  3. The sound (and hype) is impressive. I’ll be curious to hear what very experienced hammond players think of it.

    IK’s recent “drum designer” thingy was also pretty impressive. IK’s in-app cross promotion has been pretty irritating (on iOS). And there have been lots of examples of IK’s hype not being realized in their underwhelming products. But perhaps these latest releases do what they are supposed to do. I can imagine that both drums and organs are less difficult to get right than, say, orchestral multi-samples.

  4. The only other competitor for me on b3 plugins is GSI’s VB3 II. Tried the demo of this, and it feels organic like GSI. Not sure if its making me switch, but its really good!

  5. I have two questions- 1) The music he is playing sounds familiar. What is this song?, 2) what key or mode is he playing in, especially the run at about 0:25 seconds in? Sounds really good.
    It is refreshing to hear a demo from somebody that knows how to play. So many of the synth demos seemed to be played by technicians instead of musicians.

  6. Amazing demo, nothing better than a prog musician to make a Hammond truly shine!
    It seems yet another excellent VST organ, I wonder how well it fares against Crumar’s GSi though.

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