Dove Audio MuSeq Offers New Take On MU Step Sequencing

Dove Audio shared this sneak preview of their upcoming MuSeq step sequencer for MU modular synthesizers.

The MuSeq trades the voltage pots of traditional MU sequencer designs for encoders. This means that knobs can be used to control additional sequence features – like direction, ratcheting, start and end points – and that sequences can be saved for recall.

Here’s an example of the MuSeq in action:

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.

3 thoughts on “Dove Audio MuSeq Offers New Take On MU Step Sequencing

    1. What do you mean, “so now?” I’ve been drooling over 5U since I heard SOB back in, what, 1978 or 1979? My first synth was a used Yamaha CS-15, and I whipped out the drill and soldering iron and created a patch bay on it. Naw, it’s so good to see so many companies producing stuff for this format, rather than waiting on Moog to get going.

  1. New 5u stuff has been available since the early 90s, around the same time Eurorack got going, so it’s hardly new.

    For that matter, the surge of interest in analog started in the late 90s when people decided that they could get the real thing fairly cheaply rather than buy the next virtual synth. There were lots of manufacturers involved before big brands go involved again.

    So neither of them are actually fads.

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