UNO Drum Editor Now Available

IK Multimedia let us know that the Uno Drum Editor is now available.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

UNO Drum Editor makes it easier than ever to manage kits and patterns on UNO Drum itself. Load presets locally or from the hardware unit, edit and save on your device, or store back on UNO Drum to unplug and go. The UNO Drum instantly responds to parameter changes in the Editor, and similarly, the Editor tracks changes made on the hardware, for a seamless workflow.

Gain quick access to all of your settings in an easy and organized package. The Global Settings menu lets you map MIDI routings, channels, behavior and more.

Now you can also play and program UNO Drum just like a virtual instrument with total recall, working both inside of your DAW and as a standalone plug-in. You can even use UNO DRUM as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller!

The Uno Drum Editor is available now as a free download.

5 thoughts on “UNO Drum Editor Now Available

  1. I feel if they had added the UI Elements the do actually have on the screen (e.g. knobs and faders at 1:34) and individual outputs it would be a way nicer instrument, from a usability standpoint : ) For example Arturia did a pretty good job with their user interface on both drumbrutes, for a great price point.

  2. it looks cool, one thing that I hope though is that they let you replace the pcm sampls later, some are good and some kinda suck, i would love to put better toms and crashes on it

  3. has anyone had any luck with this? not working for me on PC or ipad.
    on PC in standalone it just plays via the pads but won’t control anything and on the ipad I can control the drum parameters but nada on the sequencer, it just plays back whatever the current selected pattern is which is a bummer because the main thing that excited me on this was the ability to use an editor with the per step automation

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