ArduTouch Quadrant Synthesizer Audio Demo

In this video, synthesist Mitch Altman explores the possibilities of the ArduTouch Quadrant Synthesizer,

ArduTouch music synthesizer is a DIY synth, based on the Arduino. Arduino is a popular open-source computing platform, based on inexpensive microcontrollers and open source software. It’s popular with music DIYers, and is the heart of many projects, like the ArdCore programmable synth module.

Altman notes that the ArduTouch can create, “Beautiful sounds, spacey sounds, and dark sounds.”

Patch demos:

0:02 Stock Preset (reset button)
0:21 Scaffold preset (C)
0:49 Farsy preset (D)
2:23 Teleprompt preset (E)
3:10 Glacial preset (F)
4:04 ToneJack preset (A)
4:35 FraraJaqua preset (B) — only if compiled with Arduino v1.6.x

The ArduTouch is a DIY synth that’s available for $29.99 USD.

5 thoughts on “ArduTouch Quadrant Synthesizer Audio Demo

  1. easy to build but i could never update the software to a different “sketch”. The guy who makes tried to help me but he was in china and after a while I just gave up trying. anyone else have this problem on a mac?

    1. Hey, Mike. I got the Mac transfer working by selecting a different port in the Tools menu and disconnecting one of the wires from my USB-serial interface, which was wired differently than the one in the manual. I’ll look up the details tonight when I try the new sketch.

      Ardutouch was a quick and rewarding little project to build, with the friendliest assembly instructions ever. Here’s a clip I made of the standard Thick synth:

  2. I made one of these with an Arduino. It uses the Mozzi library, so is very flexible and pretty easy to work with. Send Mitch some love and $29.99

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