Free Update For Analog Heat Adds Audio Over USB & More

Elektron has released an update for the Analog Heat mkI and mkII – adding audio over USB and support for a variety of new workflows

Here’s what’s new with Analog Heat OS 1.20:

Class compliant audio over USB

You will have new possibilities when using the Analog Heat together with devices that support class compliant audio (such as computers, phones or tablets) making it an even more flexible partner in your setup. This means you now may use the unit in a bunch of different scenarios – for example, as an audio interface, recording the processed sound or as a sound processor for your USB audio host.

You can also use the USB audio host as a pre or post effect for the Analog Heat.

Preset transfer

You can now export and import the Analog Heat’s presets and settings. This enables safe storage of your favorite presets and settings, and the possibility to reload them at your convenience.

For a full list of improvements and fixes, see the Elektron site.

7 thoughts on “Free Update For Analog Heat Adds Audio Over USB & More

  1. Does this mean I can plug my guitar in to the Heat, have that audio go into a DAW, and then back out of the Heat and into my monitors?

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