GLASYS ft. Todd Rundgren – People (Official Video)

Synthesis Gil Assayas (GLASYS) shared the music video for his new song, People, which features legendary musician and producer Todd Rundgren on vocals and guitar.

“I’ve been touring with Todd for the past 2 years, first as the keyboardist in the 2018 Utopia Reunion Tour and currently in the ’50 Years Ago Today’ Beatles tribute tour,” notes Assayas. “Todd has been incredibly supportive of my solo album ‘Defective Humanity‘ (released last month).”

Music, lyrics, production, vocals and keyboards by Gil Assayas (GLASYS). Created almost entirely with the Sequential Prophet X synthesizer.

Todd Rundgren – vocals and guitar solo.
Amit Erez – rhythm guitars.
Micah Hummel – Drums.
Drum engineering by Sacha Müller.
Mixed by Tony Lash.
Mastered by Kris Crummett.

5 thoughts on “GLASYS ft. Todd Rundgren – People (Official Video)

  1. Love this song so much & it’s message.Great collaboration with Todd Rundgren. People is so cool & catchy it often just pops up in my mind at all hours of the day or night. Thanks Gil! ?

  2. Gil’s work is always inspiring and fun. His energy and chops have an Emerson/Rudess flavor in places, but they’re uniquely his. As with Zappa, if you can sit in with Todd’s band and hold your own, you have big brass musical nads. Classically impressive Rundgrenesque video, too! A+.

  3. I love all the Glasys stuff, keeping the prog rock influence but also being fresh! Big fan, awesome video, and great collab with Todd!

  4. I’m a Glasys fan, and have been a Rundgren fan since the late 80s. Nice to see them join forces to make a great song.

  5. Great song, and I love Todd’s solo, natch. Seen Gil a couple of times… he is SO great and, whaddaya know — he can WRITE also.

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