Dove Audio WTF Hands-On Demo

In his latest video, synthesist John L Rice explores the sonic possibilities of the Dove Audio WTF oscillator.

The Window Transform Function (WTF) oscillator lets you ‘wipe transition’ between two different wave forms, a bit like PWM on steroids.

The idea is that you have two waveforms, one ‘in front’ of the other, and WTF lets you ‘slide a window’ to transition from one waveform to another in a new way, and also to create new types of waveforms.

See the Dove Audio site for details..

Topics covered:

0:00 – Beginning
0:22 – Intro : Features List
2:03 – Section 1: Basic Sounds, Control Usage, Single Window
5:21 – Section 2: Dual Versus Single Window
7:29 – Section 3A: Modulation Of Front Or Width
8:06 – Section 3B: Modulation Of Front, Width, And Rear
8:52 – Section 4A: Modulation Of Front And Rear
9:50 – Section 4B: Modulation Of Front, Width, And Rear (reverb)
13:44 – Section 5A: Frequency Modulation
16:55 – Section 5B: Previous Plus Filtering (reverb)
19:35 – Section 5C: Previous Plus Sequenced Melody
20:21 – Section 6A: Modulation Of Front, Width, And Rear (reverb)
21:32 – Section 6B: Previous With FM Added
27:38 – Section 6C: Previous With Sequenced Melody Added
29:49 – Section 6D: Previous With VCF/VCA Added (little or no FM)
32:02 – End

Equipment used:

Dove Audio WTF Oscillator
Krisp1 OCTO-Osc LFO
Synth Tech MOTM-320 LFO
Synth Tech MOTM-380 LFO
Moon Modular 517 VCF
Moon Modular 569 Sequencer
Moon Modular 565, 565D Quantizer
STG Soundlabs Envelope
Grove Audio Quad VCA
Strymon BigSky and Timeline pedals
Lexicon MX400

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