Steve Roach – ‘Synesthete’

Synthesist Steve Roach shared this music video for Synesthete, from his new album, Bloom Ascension.

Bloom Ascension is an album of sequencer-driven music, Roach’s first work ‘conceptualized for LP’ since Desert Solitaire. It expands on the rhythmic sounds of his recent albums Spiral Revelation (2017) and Molecules Of Motion (2018).

The video is a montage, capturing Roach at work in his Timeroom Studio.

Roach notes:

“Bloom Ascension grew from the inspiration to envision an album that’s the same musical experience across all formats (LP, CD, download, streaming and cassette.) In order to maximize the fidelity of the LP’s dynamic deep bass and crisp detailed high end, I settled upon a 44-minute canvas.

It captures the sense of urgency and the direct transmission of pure emotion I felt at that moment in my Timeroom studio.

Working this way, the infinite detail and visceral sonic impact of the large format and Eurorack analog modular synthesizer systems feeds the mental states this music activates — hyper-alert, expansive and kinetic, yet suspended and calm at the center.”

Bloom Ascension is available in all formats via Bandcamp. You can preview Bloom Ascension below.

5 thoughts on “Steve Roach – ‘Synesthete’

  1. Nice tones, they all fit together. Lovely layers of synths. A lesson in tasteful use of delays & reverb. There aren’t any cutting tones, and there doesn’t need to be. Nice dark, rich, and chocolatey.

  2. i first discovered steve roach when i was googling a hip hop sample i liked (company flow – lune tns).

    i’ve still never found any of his vinyls out in the wild. but it’s always nice to find out a lesser known artist from 40 years ago is still doing it.

  3. Steve has been rolling with his take on the Berlin style for a long time and its been a pleasure to have an alternative since TD mostly left it behind. Check out the double Oberheim Expanders. Stub is right about his layering skills. It takes more work than I thought once I tried my hand at it! I think I’ll buy this one.

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