13 thoughts on “Synthesis & Sound Design, By Richard Devine

    1. he has made some fantastic music..and he is a very unique and radically professional sound designer with an incredible work ethic which is why he is the first person that gets called when anyone needs sounds designed. hence the huge studio.



      1. Hardly the first…(and I’ve worked in that industry) Just not that ground breaking. As for the gear; I’ve also known he gets flow from certain companies, but I’ve also known low-bit bedroom producers blag flow too…That’s life (don’t shoot the messenger)

      2. I’ve heard all his presets and sound designed and they all sound horrible to me. I’m not trying to hate but I’ve watched his YouTube vids and IG vids and they all have a lot going on and yeah he knows how to put together sounds but there is no soul in his music. Someone like Cortini blows him out of the water. All flash…

        1. LOL well if you think Cortini and Devine are making music to achieve the same emotional and intellectual responses from listeners it’s no wonder you can’t appreciate the brilliance of his work. Takes a little more nuance than “well they both use synthesizers.”

          1. I haven’t heard one good thing from Richard and I love all sorts of electronic music. He’s like Jordan Rudess all flash with no sense of good music.

    2. Devine has a long track record as a sound designer. A lot of the stuff that sound designers do, though, is in the background so you don’t think about it. Like Devine just did the sound design for Jaguar’s new electric car.

      It’s kind of pathetic that some musicians are so insecure in their own abilities that they can’t understand how other musicians can be successful enough to buy high-end gear, and even fail to understand why a professional might need high-end gear.

  1. Looking forward to checking this out.

    As for the babble above attacking the artist’s fame. I’d only add:
    Your opinion is your opinion. It is not fact.

    Using verbiage that couches ones opinion as fact is a logical failure in the use of language.
    Be sure to pre-amble your position or use IMO.

  2. I appreciate Richard’s sometimes cockeyed takes on sound design. I have a few bits of his work in my tool kit and they’re often useful. I have to tweak as I go like anyone else, but his patches are generally elastic and easy to shape for the piece. I put him in a similar vein with Nick Batt: maybe not giant megastars, but still creatively intriguing and engagingly informative.

  3. Actually, I just learned a lot about Mr. Devine’s point of view by watching the short video. I now understand where he’s coming from. I remember feeling somewhat disappointed when I downloaded his latest album a year ago. It doesn’t move me like some music does, but I can appreciate his perspective now. Some music is more fun to make than to listen to, I guess…

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