AtomoSynth Perceptron Synthesizer Sneak Preview

AtomoSynth shared this sneak preview of their Perceptron analog semi-modular synthesizer.

It has an internal normalized signal path, so you can play it by USB midi, 5 pin midi or by CV/gate, without any patch cable connected.


  • Voltage controlled oscillator with pulse and saw wave forms.
  • Pulse width modulation control.
  • Square wave Sub oscillator.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with triangle and square waveforms.
  • Voltage controlled Filter with Low pass and High pass simultaneous inputs.
  • Voltage mixer with positive or negative offset control.
  • Loopeable AR type envelope generator.
  • ADSR type envelope generator.
  • Built in modulable Delay effect.
  • Patch bay with 16 inputs and 16 outputs.
  • Midi and USB MIDI to CV/gate interface with 2 CV configurable outputs.
  • Random voltage generator assignable to CV out 2.

Pricing and Availability

The AtomoSynth Perceptron is expected to be available soon, priced at $399 USD.

5 thoughts on “AtomoSynth Perceptron Synthesizer Sneak Preview

    1. That depends on how you define need. Its clear that a lot of people need one, or even six. Sub-$1000 synths are selling like food to those who like a modular approach. You make a good point, though. I wonder how many set up a company for this and then fold because they only sold 38 units? Its an exotic arena. Besides, the basic sound of this thing chows down hard. The delay and great patch points are added pluses.

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