iZotope Launches Dialogue Match

iZotope have introduced Dialogue Match, the first tool to automatically learn and match the sonic character of dialogue recordings.

Dialogue Match is a Pro Tools AudioSuite tool intended for re-recording mixers who deliver the final sound mix for films and television programs. For decades, these mixers have had the job of matching dialogue from lavalier, boom mics, and ADR in order to create a seamless and cohesive dialogue performance.

iZotope says that Dialogue Match can “reduce this process to seconds”, by using artifician intelligence to learn and match the reverberant character of dialogue recordings.

Dialogue Match is intended for three main use cases:

  • Matching lavalier mics to booms
  • Matching ADR to production audio
  • Matching localized audio to production audio for screening and streaming in multiple languages.


  • EQ Module leverages the EQ matching mechanics of iZotope’s Ozone 9 to quickly learn and match the tonal and spectral characteristics of dialogue.
  • Reverb Module Reverb Module uses brand-new reverb matching technology, powered by machine learning, to capture spatial reflections from one recording and accurately apply them to another via Exponential Audio’s clean, realistic reverb engine.
  • Ambience Module analyzes the spectral noise profile of a recording, and identifies and re-creates room tone for dramatic acceleration of the ADR workflow.

Pricing and Availability

Dialogue Match is now available as a standalone AudioSuite Plugin for $599 MSRP. iZotope does not currently support its use for any host application other than Pro Tools 11 or later.

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