‘1959’ Brings ‘Lost’ Fender Electric Piano Design To Your DAW

Sampleson has introduced 1959 Electro-Acoustic Piano, a new virtual instrument, based on a ‘lost’ design of Leo Fender.

The instrument is based on a patented electro-acoustic piano design from 1959. The developers describe the sound as ‘CP80-like, but a bit more tuned due to the fewer number of strings.’


  • 88 notes electro-acoustic piano.
  • Spectral modeled (not sample-based).
  • Resonance amount.
  • Hammer noise amount.
  • Release sound amount.
  • Static noise emulator.
  • Scalable HD interface.
  • Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU/Standalone versions included
  • No online activation required.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

1959 Electro-Acoustic Piano is available now for $39 USD (normally $59).

5 thoughts on “‘1959’ Brings ‘Lost’ Fender Electric Piano Design To Your DAW

  1. I like physical modeling synths, generally, and this category is nice for dynamically expressive keys comping, etc.

    For fans of that CP80 kind of tone, this has a nice round sound, especially at soft velocities.

    The price is fine.

    Another piano modeling instrument gives you lots of “under the hood” capabilities to create sounds that are similar to this. But for people who don’t want to edit, this seems like a very nice one-trick sound.

    Impro Light gives a nice sense of the dynamics, and pleasant tone of the instrument

  2. Unimpressed!! ( details withheld pending refund ) … I’ll just mention “non-functional controls”, for now …
    and feeling conned, frankly – will happily post progress ( or otherwise ) of “ 100% no-questions refund “
    Gumroad and Synthtopia should publish the “specs” for their “due diligence” – but that’s clickbait for ya!

    1. update; the refund was absolutely quick and painless, much appreciated – and if I discover that something on my side is creating what I feel is a poor result I’ll be sure to post that here also.

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