Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Looking For Your Help

Dina Pearlman, daughter of the late Alan R. Pearlman (ARP Synthesizers) has founded a new non-profit organization, Alan R. Pearlman Foundation, dedicated to preserving the ARP legacy.

She’s also announced an IndieGoGo campaign to help launch the organization. Here’s what Dina Pearlman has to say about it:

Since the death of my father in early January, I have seen overwhelming evidence that there needs to be a thoroughly reexamined history of his work because his story and that of ARP Synthesizers is relevant to the history and understanding of modern music.

Even more importantly, because of the high cost of education and vintage electronic music instruments, we want to offer opportunities for musicians, particularly young and underfunded musicians to have educational and artistic opportunities – something that Alan was passionate about.

This is why the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation was formed – to honor his legacy as an inventor, a musician, an entrepreneur, an engineer and a mentor… to make his innovative inventions publicly accessible, and help inspire future generations to imagine and create through charitable projects.

Pearlman hopes to raise $6,000 to help launch the organization at the upcoming NAMM Show. The organization is offering special perks for backers, ranging from ARP t-shirts and hoodies to rare ARP memorabilia. See the project site for details.

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    1. The Foundation’s goals are to provide music students with access to ARP instruments that they might not otherwise encounter. We plan to do this by creating installations, residencies, and other opportunities. The Foundation is in its infancy, which is why there isn’t yet a set-in-stone agenda of these events. This Indiegogo is intended to help set up the all-important initial NAMM presence.

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