Free Plugin Adds Interactive Looper to Korg ‘logue Synthesizers

hammondeggsmusic has introduced while(1), an interactive looper / metronome for your logue-sdk synthesizers.

It offers a loop length from 25ms to up to 6 seconds in stereo, and a metronome to help guide you starting your loop. 6 time signature options are available.

Other features include adjustable playback level, enable recording / sound on sound at any time and you can erase the loop by giving the depth knob a little ‘shake’.

It’s a free download but donations are encouraged to help support further plugin development.

4 thoughts on “Free Plugin Adds Interactive Looper to Korg ‘logue Synthesizers

  1. I don’t need a Minilogue, but I’m beginning to want one. The new models that keep appearing are turning it into a 2nd-cousin to circuit bender’s heaven. It feels like that weird synth you put up top for the show-stopping event sounds or spooky sequences. I already have its basic sounds covered elsewhere, but its quirky side is inspiring.

  2. the more features added to the already kickass Korg Synths, the more it keeps knocking around in the mind

    Keep killing it Korg

  3. “giving the depth knob a little ‘shake’.”

    That’s a really clever idea! If shake is a reliable UI action, that’ll increase the total number of possible ‘quick access’ parameters for any of the ‘logue plugins.

    I see it’s free but hoping source code (at least of the shake bit) is available to other logue developers.

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