1010music Blackbox Adds LaunchKey Integration, Expanded Control & New Sampling/Synthesis Features.

1010music has released software version 1.3 for Blackbox, their standalone, touchscreen sampling music workstation.

The Blackbox update adds new control, sampling, synthesis and workflow enhancements. Here’s a summary of what’s new in Blackbox version 1.3:

  • Control Features:
    • MIDI Controller Learn Mode for:
    • Sample Playback Parameters:
    • Level
    • Pitch
    • Filter Cutoff
    • Loop Length with Start and End Position
    • Slice Selection (Slicer Mode)
    • Playback Speed (Granular Mode)
    • Delay Time and Feedback
    • Reverb Decay and Damping
  • Novation LaunchKey Integration:
    • Sync with internal LaunchKey Arpeggiator
    • Multichannel MIDI operation for simultaneous, multitimbral keyboard and pad control.
  • Sampling & Synthesis Features:
    • Multi-Sampling
    • Load multiple samples per pad. Navigate to a directory and choose File: Load All
    • SMPL tag compatibility (as used by Sample Robot ) to allow automatic sample mapping
  • Basic Granular Synthesis:
    • An extension to sample mode, control pitch, start, stop, length, loop mode, etc. per voice:
    • Grain Size: 1024 to 16384 (10ms to about 200ms)
    • Grain Count: 2-8
    • Spread Control: Changes the amount of randomization in grain position around the playhead
    • Speed Control: Alters how quickly the playhead advances through the waveform
  • New Sound Library:
    • 22 different multi-sampled instruments created by Francis Preve at Symplesound sets that span a number of keyboard instruments: From piano to organ to FM sounds
  • Interface Improvements:
    • MIDI clock output to USB devices for arpeggiator control, etc.
    • New MIDI Clock Source selection
    • Copy and paste of PADS
    • Recording templates
    • MIDI Keys Channel
    • MIDI output channel per pad
    • Faster navigation between PADS and SEQS

Blackbox v1.3 is available now from the 1010music.com website.

5 thoughts on “1010music Blackbox Adds LaunchKey Integration, Expanded Control & New Sampling/Synthesis Features.

  1. Is it possible to modulate sample start, end loop point, effects, filter, etc with lfo’s and envelopes? I like this machine, this would be my next purchase

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