4 thoughts on “Island Sunset Synth Jam

  1. These standing outside in nature with my inside studio equipement video’s are getting more populaire. Looks like such i almost ridicules high contrast, you spend so match time in the studio in your free time you are going to mis being outside. This is why compact equipment with a integrated sequencer is what i like, beter yet equipment whit a battery¬†in it but then you are just limited to just a couple¬†devices out there.
    Its really inspiring to take a syth to other places with you on vacation for instance.

    1. Im pretty sure that more and more synth-based electronic instruments will be increasingly portable in the coming years. More battery powered stuff, less wires, etc.

      Dave Smith once remarked that the next big revolution in audio gear will be everything becoming entirely wireless… power, signal path, etc. – everything. Seems like a fair point. Right now it seems a bit far-fetched, but especially in the more or less distant future it seems like a no-brainer. Food for thought, I guess.

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