Roland Cloud Adds SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings, and SRX Brass Virtual Instruments

Roland Cloud, a cloud-based suite of software synthesizers, drum machines, and sampled instruments, has announced the addition of SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings, and SRX Brass.

The three virtual instruments, developers say, draw from “the spirit of the original hardware boards,” with close attention to detail.

Roland Cloud developers explain, “SRX hardware boards are nearly impossible to find,” and … “[o]ur collection of VSTs pay homage to the original SRX boards and are ready to be utilized in a variety of workflows.”

SRX Electric Piano: Upon its initial release more than a decade ago , SRX Electric Piano, the twelfth title in Roland’s popular SRX series of expansion boards, was described as “the finest sound library of coveted EPs and clavs to bear the Roland logo.”

The sampled keyboard instruments in SRX Electric Piano were recorded with high-end mics and converters at multiple velocities. These electric pianos are authentic, expressive, and possess stunning audio detail. Its 50 diverse sounds—in Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and clavinet styles—vary from bright and vibrant to dusky and warm.

SRX Strings: The 128 presets in SRX STRINGS cover a wide range of string expression including pizzicato, legato, and vibrato playing.

Presets like “Trems/w fine” react differently depending on the velocity of each note played. A softer touch conjures a tense and trembling tremolo, while a more aggressive one elicits a smoothly bowed note. SRX STRINGS includes a variety of tweakable parameters as well as effects for users to create new tones.

SRX Brass: The tenth title in Roland’s SRX series provided users with what Roland originally described as “a superb collection of sounds that capture the true articulations of traditional brass instruments and ensembles.”

The diverse patches in SRX BRASS are now available in Roland Cloud and give composers freedom to arrange horn parts with dynamism that includes realistic falls and swells.

Pricing and Availability

SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings, and SRX Brass join recent releases like the TB-303, JX-3P, and SRX Studio as well as the TR-808, TR-909, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106, all parts of Roland Cloud’s growing suite of virtual instruments. Roland Cloud is a subscription service with options for monthly, yearly, bi-annual or 5-year fee payments.

Roland Cloud developers say SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings, and SRX Brass can also be mapped easily to the SYSTEM-8 or other hardware synthesizers. More information is available at Roland

2 thoughts on “Roland Cloud Adds SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings, and SRX Brass Virtual Instruments

  1. If Roland offered the D-50 as software I could just buy normally, I’d be all over it, especially with the PG-1000 included. The cloud model assumes that both the Net and Roland will be consistent. Riiight, of course they will, because the Internet is your friend. I know they don’t release a new D-50 proper in part because it was such a weird mashup of the limited computer power of the time. Its layering techniques are common now and processor power makes what it did a subset of Serum, etc. Its a shame that you can’t buy it as a proper softsynth, Arturia style. I pre-deleted my personal attack on cloud subs, so that’s one plus.

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