Retro Synthesizer Music – ‘Saltfjellet’

Sunday Synth Jam: Norwegian synthesist Kaj Roger Willumsen (KWILLU) shared his music video for Saltfjellet, described as ‘retro syunthesizer music’.

The track was originally made for the Nordlandsbanen minute by minute, a television program that was first broadcast on Norway’s NRK2. The program lasts for 9 hours and 50 minutes and follows the day train from Trondheim to Bodø minute by minute through four seasons. The reason for the program being produced is that it is 50 years since the Nordlandsbanen (Nordland Line railway line) was completed through to Bodø.

3 thoughts on “Retro Synthesizer Music – ‘Saltfjellet’

  1. Nice track, Kaj. It definitely has that wonderful retro feel with a great hook. I watched all ten hours, all four seasons of that video. I love trains and it was a wonderful opportunity to see your beautiful country from the train driver’s point of view. If I could move there, I would pack up and do so immediately.

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