Sinevibes Intros Stutter Self-Randomizing Audio Repeater For MacOS

Sinevibes has introduced Stutter, a self-randomizing audio repeater for MacOS.

Stutter continuously samples a small slice of incoming audio, repeats it a number of times, and then starts over. Each time this sampling-repetition process restarts, the slice size and the number of repeats are randomized. The effect can run either linked or independent between left and right channels, and also has a variable probability of affecting the input signal.


  • Two audio samplers-repeaters with optional stereo link.
  • Continuously randomized parameters: slice size, number of repeats, engagement probability.
  • Fine-tuned gate envelopes for smooth, click-free operation.

Pricing and Availability

Stutter is available now for $29 USD. A demo version is also available.

28 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros Stutter Self-Randomizing Audio Repeater For MacOS

    1. You realize you’re talking about an actual person, with like, feelings and stuff, right? Why post shit like this? Talk about pointless…

    2. Hi Mold School! Perhaps you are aware of this, but our pointlessly crappy DSP algorithms have been licensed by some of the highest regarded software brands, so you will find them in products such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Output Arcade and Portal, Audiaire Zone and many others. In fact there are even more products from other brands coming soon with our DSP, which means the market will probably only deteriorate for you if you’re so convinced of the crappiness of our developments. Anyway, I’m here with an offer – to make your further judgement of our plugins easier, if you have a compatible computer or KORG synthesizer, we would be glad to provide a few of them to you at no cost (this is not a joke). Feel free to e-mail us from our website and refer to this article. Cheers!

    3. Your view is very different to mine. Sinevibes make some of my most used effects plugins. I find them really creative and add a lot to my flow. The interfaces are well thought out and ergonomic. The effects cover a wide range and the prices vary to reflect this. They get updated and regular customers are taken care of.

      No connection with the company just a happy customer

  1. One Internet commenter’s crap is another’s treasure, I guess. Sounds great to me.

    Probably goes against the idea behind the plugin but I’d like to be able to set which parameters to randomize. And maybe a range or a set of values (“only use these three slice sizes, please”)

    1. Hey Will! You are correct in the sense that we wanted this plugin to be immediate to use, and actually its randomization algorithms have some tricks in the way they handle the range of generated values, they are not “dumb linear” in this sense, so there is good versatility despite few controls. As about your further suggestion – interesting but we do have such a plugin on the drawing board, a repeater which has several specific slice sizes that you define and each with its own probability of being used. It is still on consideration/dreaming stage but I am glad we do have something in the works that’s more or less what you thought of! Cheers.

    1. Hi Bill! I’m glad to tell you that if you prefer making music without a computer (like I personally do, too), we have our plugins available for KORG’s plugin-capable synthesizers 🙂 You can run many of our oscillator and effect algorithms already, and more will be released in the future. Please have a look at the KORG section on the Sinevibes website.

  2. I use a computer because an enema bag has very poor patch selection and playing it makes a bagpipe sound like a crushed-velvet hand job. I’ve loved synths for years and it doesn’t matter what you choose if the results are good. No Berlin school covers of Kid Rock tunes, though, please.

  3. each Sinevibes plug-in on it’s own is super interesting, but the more you combine their various plug-ins, in extreme or subtle ways, you can can make an average sound move and come to life. they rock.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! We keep each tool focused on doing a particular effect as good as it possibly can, and indeed combining them opens up some incredibly deep soundscapes. I love doing that too, sometimes putting something like Eternal, Dispersion and Blend together just makes me forget that I made these effects myself, it’s like meditation “inside” the sound 🙂

      1. Just noticed something (I think). Does clock BPM settings affect the effect? Would be nice to be able to set size to a clock division like 1/8th note etc. Are repeats on a clock division grid?

        1. No, Stutter doesn’t use the host tempo for its settings, they are calculated on their own. However, we do have another sister plugin – Robotizer – that is a repeater with repeats only happening on the sequencer grid, it has some other unique features too:

          1. I’m not looking for something that “robotic” sounding… not so much audio-rate artifact inducing. Can Robotizer go slower than shown in the demos? Basically my ideal would be something like Ableton’s Beat Repeat (except I don’t need to modulate pitch) that I can run in Logic.

  4. This is such a great-sounding plugin. It reminds me a bit of my HEXE reVOLVER DX, but it’s STEREO! As I’m a Windows user, I guess I’ll have to go grab an NTS-1 and put it on an effects send to experience its glitchy goodness.

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