Intros Q158 VCA2++ Dual VCA For MU Systems has introduced the Q158 VCA++ module, a new MU format module based around two VCAs that can be connected to be used as a panner, fader, 3-channel mixer and ring modulator.

Each VCA offers an invertable attenuator and bipolar gain controls.

The signal input and CV input for VCA #1 are normalized to VCA #2. Patching a signal into VCA #2 overrides the normalized (default) signal flow. This makes it easy to create a 2-channel panner (one input panning between two outputs) and a fader (two inputs fading to one output).

Automatic connection between the two VCA channels also provides an easy way to do ring modulation (4-quadrant multiplier). Multiplying 2 audio signals produces frequencies that are the sum and differences of the originals resulting in inharmonic bell-like tones, a classic synthesizer function.

VCA channels #1 and #2 are mixed together, along with a third un-attenuated channel, in the center section. This gives you a 3-channel mixer with 2 of the channels having attenuators. The INVERT switch inverts the polarity of VCA #2’s contribution to the mixer and is used to produce ring modulation.

Audio demos of the module are to come at the site.

Pricing and Availability

The Q158 VCA++ module

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