AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface

AI Synthesis has introduced the AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface, a new Eurorack module with a pre-amp and buffered feedback loops to let you use a standard three-head cassette tape recorder as an analog tape echo.

The tape recorder must have three heads (erase, record, and play) for it to work as a tape echo. This type of tape recorder will have a button or switch that allows the monitoring of the source audio, or what has just been recorded to the tape. The space between the record and play head creates the delay, and the Tape Interface feeds back into the unit to create repeats.

The AI016 provides the following tape controls:

  • Mix
  • Repeats
  • Input and Output Controls

Delay time is controlled by the tape deck. Not all tape decks allow speed control while recording, and modifications may be needed.

The signal chain in the demo video is: Ai011 VCO Saw and Pulse waves into an AI002 Mixer into an AI004 Filter with modulation by an AI003 which also powers the VCA. The VCA goes into the AI016 Tape Interface.

Pricing and Availability

The AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface is available assembled or in several DIY options, with pricing starting at $15 USD.

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