Korg Minilogue XD Synthesizer Review

In his latest video, Woochia takes a look at the Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer.

The Minilogue XD builds on the original Minilogue in several ways, most notably by introducing the ‘Multi Engine’, which lets you use digital oscillators and effects and even load third party or your own oscillators and effects.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
1:11 Overview and presets
4:45 Master section and arpeggiator
7:35 Oscillator section (Analog osc)
11:56 Filter section
13:57 Envelope and LFO section
18:14 Effect section
21:10 Sequencer and automations
24:45 Edit mode (menus)
26:36 Joystick
27:59 Multi engine (digital osc)
32:15 Importing user effects and oscillators
33:32 Conclusion

If you’ve used the Minilogue XD, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

14 thoughts on “Korg Minilogue XD Synthesizer Review

  1. This has been out a while. Why the review now? Is this a preview of an updated Kronos coming soon? Or are sales dropping off because of newer synths like the Hydrasynth, the Modal Electronics Argon8, and the Osmose keyboard?

    1. Admin: Personal attack deleted (suggesting someone is a liar, misrepresenting themselves).

      Keep comments constructive and on topic.

      Note: Synthtopia welcomes active discussion and criticism about things (a synth, someone else’s comment, the admin’s temper) but when we see personal attacks on people (individuals or groups of people), we will delete them.

      1. Perhaps you’d be taken more seriously if you stopped posting as “poopy” and then living down to your handle. Don’t be a scuz. This is a family group, you $#@! 😀

      2. Hey did he actually say Korg gave him a free synth? I watched the 35 minutes and didn’t catch that part and don’t want to watch it again. What’s the time point where he says that? It’s not in the comments or description there. I do think when that is the case it should be clearly stated up front and put in the comments. We probably need a law requiring that. In fact I think we already do, that paid reviews are supposed to be disclosed as part of truth in advertising laws.

    2. Some people need time to decide if item X is the right tool for them. The option for new osc. models is tempting, but you have to wrap your head around what it can mean. I don’t really need any new hardware, but as a long-time Korg fan, the invitation to just f**k around with this one is a big draw. Curse you, addictive First World consumer tech!

      1. Same here, in spades. However, I can’t pass up the ability to write osc’s and effects for it. I upgraded to the prologue. I don’t like desktops, master keyboards, or minikeys – except yamaha’s reface series. That’s a good keyboard.

  2. Its a bit hard to imagine a new Kronos. Workstations-with-sequencer have been fading in an iPad world. I loosely expect to see a mini-Kronos melded with a Prologue variant. Some people want analog so badly, they’ll snub anything that doesn’t include it. If I was still centered on a workstation, I’d have it running a Minilogue and a wavetable synth like the ASM Hydrasynth module. The range of synths has become too wide to limit yourself to just one approach, even a well-polished one.

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