Understanding ‘Infinite Sustain’ Pedals

The latest loopop video takes a look at ‘infinite sustain’ pedals – a relatively new category of effects pedals that let you sample a sound and sustain it indefinitely.

The video features two devices, the GameChanger Audio Plus Pedal and Electro-Harmonix Superego+, and includes many audio examples.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
2:30 Alternatives
3:10 Timing
3:55 Sends
4:25 Effects
5:25 Connectivity
6:20 Expression
7:20 Layering
10:55 Sustain
12:40 Gliss
13:40 Electric
15:25 Pianos
16:55 Synth
19:55 Cellos
22:00 Trombone
22:55 Saxophone
23:35 Tubular bells
24:30 Pros & cons

6 thoughts on “Understanding ‘Infinite Sustain’ Pedals

  1. Was hoping to see Mr Loopop playing a real trombone! Seriously, though, is anyone going to actually these pedals with software instruments? I’d have thought they will mostly be used with real guitars, real analog synths, and so on.

    1. The idea of the video is to demonstrate how the pedal works and it’s functions and not to sell it or to make it commercially appealing. The sound source that you use it’s up to you.

      1. That’s what I mean. I don’t think people would use it with a sample library. And that’s going to have all kinds of repeats and loops in it which are going to phase and sound odd with whatever freezer technology you try.

        1. Sure, but like, Una Corda for instance is straight up samples, there’s no loops and repeats in there at all. Nor are there loops in the admittedly scuffed Ableton guitar samples he used. So it’s clinical, but it translates well. Like, he’s not going for artistic presentation.

          I actually think that even analog synths are a bit too cyclical to sound nice in this situation, and you often end up having to apply a bunch of effects to make up for the static.

          Regarding the two pedals, I love the interaction of the piano pedal, but the EHX absolutely sounds so much better to my ears. None of that short-loop-beating. I suspect some clever FFT, or internally layered+offset looping, it’s deceptively sophisticated.

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