Eventide Intros QVox Four Voice Pitch Shifter For iOS

Eventide has introduced QVox for iOS, a creative audio effect that transforms vocals, guitars, drums, and synths into four independent voices.

This lets you create harmonies, widen instruments and design rhythmic sequences with diatonic pitch shifting and delay.

You can choose the key, scale, and each voice’s pitch and delay interval, with the ability to alter any parameters in real-time using the Ribbon controller.


  • Four independent voices (labeled as A, B, C, D) with diatonic pitch shifting and delay
  • Select Key and Scale to create harmonies that coincide with your compositions or use the Learn button to set the key by the incoming note you play
  • Group the four delays so that they are evenly spaced or spread out
  • Sync the delays to tempo, or a value of your own choosing
  • The Ribbon controller allows for dynamic modification of several knobs at once to easily morph between settings
  • Factory presets help get you started or create your own User presets
  • Mixlock helps when auditioning different presets by enabling a global Mix value that will remain constant for every subsequently loaded preset
  • Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect

Pricing and Availability:

QVox for iOS is available now for $14.99 USD.

5 thoughts on “Eventide Intros QVox Four Voice Pitch Shifter For iOS

  1. Looks like a decent pitch-shifter, but with a narrow and specific function: diatonic stereo arpeggios

    I’d be more interested it if was a high-quality and more general intelligent pitch shifter. But this is too specific for my needs.

    1. Probably won’t go that far down in price during the next Black Friday, as the one from a few days ago was only 30% off.
      More limited than Quadravox on desktop, which went down to 29USD fairly recently.

  2. Based on the pitch factor/H9 algorithm “Quadravox”, not one of fav’s, but nice to see breaking out beyond a single platform. Would like to see some H9 specific alg’s like “spacetime’ or “Resonator” on iOS.

    One drawback of the H9 environment is the iOS app H9 Control DOES NOT multitask.when you switch back, the app completely restarts. Nice to be able to use alg in combination with other apps on a single ipad while still being able to save the context of the eventide alg/app. Since eventide doesn’t seem inclined to admit it’s a problem.

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