Jazz Drummer iOS App Now Available

Developer Luis Martínez (Lumbeat) has released a new app for iOS, Jazz Drummer.

Jazz Drummer is a virtual musician app that creates realistic swing and bebop drum ‘performances’.


  • Jazz Drums for iPad and iPhone with new approach to improvisation and swing pulse.
  • Three drummers in one. Jo, Max and Roy : Swing, Be Bop and Modern Bop drums. Regardless of the selected rhythm, the choice of drummer will affect all improvisations, jams and fills style.
  • New 2d Slider to control jam level ( x – horizontal ) and intensity ( y – vertical )Save Mixer and Effects for each Sound Bank.
  • Toggle Ride / Hats and Corss Stick / SnareAdds a new Jazz bank to iBassist with lot of bass lines and chord progressions.
  • Humanize Velocity to get realistic sound.iCloud Backups
  • Live Pads with Rhythm, jam and intensity parameter to play live and control by MIDI.Song Mode with the new 2D Slider for parts.
  • Sound Module Mode

Here’s an example of Jazz Drummer in action (Facebook video):

Pricing and Availability

Jazz Drummer is available now for $17.99 USD.

2 thoughts on “Jazz Drummer iOS App Now Available

  1. What’s Sound Module mode?
    Been intrigued by those Lumbeat apps. Wish they were AUv3. Bought iBassist during the Black Friday sale. The sequencing is pretty neat and integration with other Lumbeat apps could be fun. Not that satisfied with the sounds, though. iFretless Bass is more to my liking and it supports AUv3 as well as MPE.
    This Jazz Drummer app sounds pretty good to me. Could work well as a sound output for iReal Pro progressions.

    1. Probably Sound Module mode means that it’s drum sounds can be played by an external MIDI sequencer (and in that mode, not its own sequencer).

      I agree that the sounds in iBassist could be improved. IIRC, the releases didn’t sound very natural.

      I think jazz/swing/bebop drumming is probably the most difficult to sound authentic. The rest of the LumBeat apps I have do the best job of adding improvised fills into the mix. The fills and grooves here seem a little less “normal”, but they still sound quite good.

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