Free Plate Reverb Plugin From Arturia

Arturia has released a plate reverb plugin as a holiday gift to musicians, Rev PLATE-140.

Here’s what Arturia founder Frederic Brun has to say about it:

“At this festive time of year, with the spirit of good will and gift-giving all around, I feel that we should show our thanks to you, because we are truly grateful. Without people like you, Arturia simply couldn’t exist.

On behalf of the whole team at Arturia, I would like to offer you a brand new reverb plug-in.

Rev PLATE-140 is yours. No restricted features, no limited trial period. Simply a free gift.

It’s a fantastic software effect that accurately recreates the legendary EMT 140 plate reverb, a pioneering bit of studio kit that changed the sound of popular music almost overnight. As you’d expect, we’ve given it a modern twist, with essential features that modern producers expect, and a few fun, creative surprises!”

It’s available through December 25, 2019 via the Arturia site.

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