Torso Electronics T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

Torso Electronics shared these sneak previews of their T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer.

The T-1 is an algorithmic MIDI sequencer that offers a vast set of creative composition tools. It’s designed to focus  on fluid live performance and the ability to modulate every parameter with random sequences.

It offers 16 polyphonic tracks, 16 rhythmic and melodic parameters, random modulation features, and live performance tools.


  • Euclidian rhythms – The core of T-1 is based on the euclidian algorithm, which lets you generate and explore a vast variety of rhythmic patterns
  • Ableton Link – Wirelessly connect to other devices with our integration of Ableton Link. This will make sure that T-1 is playing in time with your DAW and all Link supported apps
  • Randomize – Includes Pseudo-random modulation to every parameter, for creating endless musical variations. The randomness can be locked into loops, giving you more control.
  • Keypad display – The multicolor keypad is used as a display showing parameter values and the state of the device
  • No menu diving – With 18 endless encoders, all main functionality is accessible on the interface at all times
  • Creative composition tools – Make relative parameter changes to multiple tracks simultaneously and explore musical progressions

Pricing and Availability

Details on pricing and availability are to come.

5 thoughts on “Torso Electronics T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Torsion would have been a clever name. Torso is a bit morbid, although they could issue a few cleverly named products such as the Thorax drum machine, Arista control surface and perhaps even a Mesopleuron polysynth.

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