TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV Interface

TA Programming has introduced the  availability of its Studio MIDI And CV Interface – a new interface that’s capable of controlling multiple synthesizers simultaneously, via voltage control outputs and MIDI/USB, while keeping analog instruments in tune.

Additionally, the Studio MIDI And CV Interface is MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatible, capable of sending out full MPE via MIDI DIN or mapping single channel/polyphonic MPE out of the universal CV CONTROL outputs. As all five control dimensions are natively supported, users can be sure that their synthesizers will be as musically expressive as allowed by the MPE method.

“We designed this interface to be not just a solution to problems that we’d encountered when controlling synthesizers in the past, but to unlock a whole new world of creativity with synthesizers from one interface,” says TA Programming CEO/CTO Tim Aviss.


  • Advanced Tuning System eliminates scaling and tuning issues on your analog synths.
  • Control Analog & MIDI capable synths simultaneously with extra low latency.
  • Universal Outputs, with custom ranges. Including negative voltages and microtonal support.
  • Polyphony, Split Keyboard, MPE, BPM-locked Arps, LFOs, Expandable Outs, Bypass your DAW, and more.

Pricing and Availabiity

The Studio MIDI And CV Interface is available for purchase, priced at £249.00 GBP.

5 thoughts on “TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV Interface

  1. Nice, this is a much needed product I think, many midi interfaces out there but not so many with cv. Though I would like it to have more cv outs, at least 8, and some cv ins in order to convert cv to midi.

    1. Maybe you have, but if not.. check out MOTU interfaces. You can get used 828MK2 / Ultralites for cheap.

      All MOTU interfaces offer DC coupled Outs/Ins and if you have a Mac you can easily use 1 or more to create a huge interface system. I run 2 828MK2 on my Mac giving me like 32 analog/cv ins/outs I think.

      I think I paid $120 for my last 828mk2. They are FireWire but you can get a FireWire to thunderbolt adapter which works ace on a Mac, not sure about PC. They of course have hybrid FireWire/USB devices as well.

      1. Yes, I know, I have a MOTU too :-). I find this format interesting for how portable it is and because you can keep your audio ins and outs for recording/processing

  2. “As all five control dimensions are natively supported, users can be sure that their synthesizers will be as musically expressive as allowed by the MPE method.” the Five control dimensions are, pitch(note), aftertouch, velocity, release velocity & CCXX. there is also gate, so not sure how 4x Outputs are going to carry all that information.

    1. Hi Hamildad,

      So all dimensions can be carried down the MIDI DIN to fully MPE compatible synthesizers such as the Deckard’s Dream.

      For synthesizers that aren’t fully MPE compatible, you can use single channel mode (as found in the ROLI seaboard software) to send polyphonic MPE down the CV outputs (or DIN if your synth is MIDI configured).

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYqsuc-2iS0 – This whole video demonstrates the MPE compatibility, but shows it being used in single channel mode with a Korg Mono/Poly, with the devices built in arpeggiator from 2.07.

      These devices are also daisy-chain-able for unlimited outputs and the company will be releasing a EuroRack expander in the future.

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