Cherry Audio Announces New Modules For Voltage Modular

MRB has released 3 new modules for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular, a software modular synthesizer platform.

The new Laboratory Dual Sawtooth Animator ($10) allows you to put in a sawtooth (or any wave), and out comes the original plus 4 more sawtooth waves.

The detuning is voltage controllable (labeled “VC FAT”). There are 2 independent sections for a total of up to 10 oscillators.

MRB Laboratory Sawtooth Animator

The second is the poly Dual Sawtooth Animator ($10). They say that “laying down a few notes and hearing 50 oscillators is stunning.” The animation oscillators are low cpu which makes this possible.

Poly Laboratory Dual Sawtooth Animator

The third is Laboratory Noise ($10), a module featuring 4 different noise-type outputs: white, pink, tunable resonant red, and rate-adjustable compound-sine perturbation.

MRB has also added the three new modules to the Laboratory Bundle, which is priced at $79.

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