50 thoughts on “Korg Teases New Synthesizer For 2020

  1. The soundtrack implies multitimbral workstation (pad, bass, & drums) with effects. Looks like an at least 61 key keybed synth that includes mod wheels and joystick on left side with buttons immediately to right of wheels. No current Korg synth product has this configuration, however the side panel placement, size, and angle matches the Prologue. My guess is Prologue XD.

    1. ARP 2600 full size clone. My buddy Jean Michel Jarre and I discussed it the other day when we had lunch. He said that, although the synth itself will be the same, it will have the option to purchase it with a “blue meanie” or “gray meanie” or black and orange panel. It will also have the ability to switch between the two filter types that appeared in the original 2600s back in the day.

      1. I have to respect anyone who will sit in front of a 2600 and actually patch it with cords. Its not that hard to do. Its a matter of it being a near-perfect mix between a hard-wired synth and just enough modular to make it deeply weird at will. Its kind of Modular-For-Dummies, so while you’re enjoying it as is, you’ll also reach a point where you’ll either say “That’s the right amount of modular for me” or “I’m going to take up Eurorack and see if I can ruin my marriage.”

          1. * The 2600 is fully compatable w Eurorack and older modular so that may be the dumbest post ever.

            Never said it wasn’t. I said if you take up Eurorack too seriously, it can ruin your marriage. It has OCD written all over it! Though to be fair, all GAS is a little OCD. A patchcord forest just makes it more obvious.

  2. The Korg Instagram doesn’t say anything about a synthesizer. It just shows this video. I’m baffled as to how you come up with 61 keys from this dim, out of focus video?

    You know what Korg already carry “that includes mod wheels and joystick on left side with buttons immediately to right of wheels”? That does have a 61 note keyboard? The Waldorf STVC.

    Maybe one of those with smaller/fewer keys? At the end of the video it looks, faintly, as if there is light shining on the side of the last white key.

    1. I just noticed the Waldorf STVC link on this Synthtopia page a few minutes ago. I agree that the image in the video looks a lot like it. BTW the STVC has 49 keys.

    2. The blurry image becomes much sharper at the end of the video clip. I fully disagree that this is a Waldorf announcement. Korg may be the distributor but this is a Korg-branded product announcement, not Waldorf. Besides that, everything that can be seen in teaser video image most closely resembles elements of the Prologue, except for the “stick” control, which if it is a joystick looks a lot more like the smaller one on Korg’s current Kronos lineup. As for the 61-key guess, that’s based on the layout that’s seen from the teaser: The keybed starts on the left at C, and with Korg making this kind of a big deal, it’s likely to be a larger / “flagship” synth product, with at least 49 keys, but more likely 61 (and perhaps second model with 49?) For a full breakdown of my guesses with comparison images, please see here: https://imgur.com/a/UnVH2wu

  3. Hard to tell from the image, but those look like mini keys to me. Might it be an updated wavestation with that joystick above the wheels?

  4. As a chronic Korg player, I suspect it’ll be somewhere in the realm of the MODX trend. You’ll get most of a workstation’s power-tools minus the onboard sequencer. It’ll make it easy to plug in your iPad or PC/Mac. It’ll probably offer some CV amenities, especially one aimed at working with the ‘logue family. Surely analog to some extent (maybe with an XD built-in?), possibly a PCM-type bank to up the ante. Even if its not a full Kronos-type workstation, its got to compete with Roland’s major Jupiter-X synths, so maybe a Korg vintage vault. Retail price, maybe $1695. Maybe a flying monkey will bring me dinner from Taco Bell, who knows?

  5. I have no basis, but based on the format and comments of the waldorf stvc, and the fact that korg currently has the rights of arp, works with jmj and that both behringer and roland and waldorf have a string machin vocoder, I could expect a arp solina

    1. Korg distributes for Waldorf, in the US, they are basically one in the same. Any Waldorf product is serviced in the US by Korg as well.

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