Synthetic Sound Labs 1140 ThunDrum Drum Voice Module For MU Systems

Synthesist John L Rice shared this hands-on demo of the new Synthetic Sound Labs ThunDrum, a two-oscillator FM percussive membrane / metal based drum voice, in a single width Dotcom-compatible module.

The module is designed to create a wide variety of percussive sounds. Details are available at the SSL site.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Beginning
0:25 – Features Listed
1:52 – Basic Operations
5:44 – External LFO Modulation
9:34 – External Triggering
9:50 – External Sequencer
12:55 – Simple Drum Beat
13:45 – Ratchet/Typewriter/Creaky Ship?
14:24 – End

Modulation sources used:

  • Synthesis Technology MOTM-320 and MOTM-380 LFO’s, MOTM-300 VCO
  • Krisp1 OCTO LFO
  • Moon Modular 569 sequencer

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