Pioneer DJ Rebrands As ‘AlphaTheta Corporation’

Low and slow at the Pioneer DJ barbecue

Pioneer DJ has announced that it is changing its name to AlphaTheta Corporation.

Effective Jan 1, 2020, the change is not driven by a merger, sale or reorg, but is intended to better reflect the organization’s values and vision.

The change will not affect the branding of Pioneer DJ gear, just the company’s corporate branding.

Here’s their official announcement:

“Pioneer DJ Corporation has changed its company name to AlphaTheta Corporation as of January 1, 2020. Our brands and brand names, including Pioneer DJ, will not be affected.

We’re updating our corporate name to better reflect our values and vision. The change is not related to any merger, sale, or reorganization.

We take great pride in our commitment to the music industry and we’ve chosen our new company name, AlphaTheta Corporation, based on our passionate vision to innovate, inspire, and entertain.

Why AlphaTheta?

Music can guide the human brain into extremely powerful states of mind.

Peak human experience can be enhanced with an optimal balance of creative music, superior sound technologies, and group coherence. AlphaTheta refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in these peak states. Our vison is to use our innovative technologies to enable and enrich these peak moments.

AlphaTheta enables you to go Beyond the Music.”

15 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ Rebrands As ‘AlphaTheta Corporation’

  1. Ooooooh kay

    Then what will they call all those people on their forum who are, as a general consensus, disappointed in the Toraiz SP-16? I was gonna spring for one of those b/c Sweetwater has them down to $899…a significant price drop. I thought to myself, what gives? Then I start exploring the forum at a Pioneer DJ about this thing. Limitations, limitations, limitations. Oh, and sync issues. And a lame-o file management system rivaling Apple ios. WTF. Super turn off. And I forgot, dinky overall total sample time.
    Apparently the build quality is the bomb as is the audio quality. That’s a shame those positives are tanked by the afore mentioned flaws.
    Seems the too-good-to-be-true Squid has some goofy shit going on too. Well, puts the kabash on that piece of gear lust for me too cause I’m starting to connect the dots.

    Pure Energy

    1. I have my SP-16 slaved to a Motu midi express and i have never experienced any sync problems. The reality of the SP-16 is that it is not a centerpiece to a studio because of its midi shortcomings. Its not a one machine to rule them all. But it is a fantastic sampler/sequencer. It is not as powerful as a MPC Live but it doesnt mean its not a good machine.

  2. you cant be serious. This must be a hoax. Throwing millions of dollars of branding out the window to call themselves some stupid name? very bizarre

  3. It’s a Scientology thing the alpha Thetan is the top creator of everything the Thetans are beyond human hence Alpha Theta being beyond music.

  4. I don’t blame them. Sometimes doing things by committee results in a vanilla product. Witness all current Roland products and the Toraiz, etc.

  5. Just like Ongo Gablogian said, feels like a college fraternity. I thought Pioneer DJ had a very good reputation under that name. I never used any of their products but they had a reputation of solidly built products.

    I’m not keen on this new name, neither on the Toraiz branding of their music creating equipment.

    I wish them well however, the Toraiz lineup is different enough to be interesting.

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