Audiomodern Releases Riffer 2.0 Update

Audiomodern has released a major update to Riffer, described as ‘a creative MIDI sequencer’ for iOS, macOS & Windows.

Here’s what’s new in Riffer 2.0:

  • Create and Save Custom Scales
  • Lock Individual Notes or whole Steps
  • Quick Load Preset Menu
  • Audio Out for Quick Pattern Preview on Stand-Alone mode
  • New Scale Transposition Engine
  • New Range Engine for Pitch, Duration & Velocity
  • Infinity Mode Loop Selector
  • Root Note Probability selector
  • New Preset Manager
  • MIDI Controllable
  • New MIDI Output menu
  • Reverse Pattern
  • Updated UI
  • Performance Improvements

Here’s a walkthrough of Riffer 2.0:

Pricing and Availability

Riffer 2.0 is available now for €49.00. The update is free for all existing users.

10 thoughts on “Audiomodern Releases Riffer 2.0 Update

  1. Fantastic update. The note lock, root note and quick slot presets features are winning.

    They have a bundle on the iOS app store offering this and Playbeat for 12 bucks. iOSpoiled. Bonus: they’re both universal apps.

  2. If you spent as much time learning theory as the time you spent earning money to buy this and learning how to use it, would you be further ahead?

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