Free Cassette Tape Effect & Looping Plugins

Caelum Audio has released two free applications: Tape Cassette, an effect for iOS, macOS & Windows; and One Loop, a 10-track looper for iOS:

  • Tape Cassette is an audio plugin that’s designed to give your music warmth, noise and character. It can b e used as an insert on individual channels or on the master to give an overall lo-fi feel to a track. You can control saturation, wow & flutter and more.
  • One Loop is a 10-track loop-station designed for singers, songwriters & instrumentalists. It offers built-in effects, MIDI control, layer grouping and supports up to 8-channel audio input.

You can preview Tape Cassette via the above embed, and One Loop via the demo below:

2 thoughts on “Free Cassette Tape Effect & Looping Plugins

  1. I just recorded that very average demo vid with my actual cassette tape player to use later. I won’t be using acoustic guitar though, because seriously…die

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