Ruismaker Mononoke Expressive Drone Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Developer Bram Bos shared this sneak preview of Ruismaker’s Mononoke synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

‘Mononoke is an expressive drone synthesizer designed for creating soundscapes and melodic textures that seamlessly morph from harmonic snowscapes to cold and agitated ice fields.

It has a 2-part multitimbral, 8-voice polyphonic synth engine. But the most interesting part is how all 8 voices feed back into each other, together creating a haunting, constantly evolving landscape.

Using 8 expressive performance pads you can play Mononoke interactively, and optionally record your performance as MPE MIDI in an MPE compatible host sequencer. MPE input controllers are also supported.

Coming soon.

The sound in this video is an unedited recording from the synthesizer.’

Here’s another preview, via Perplex On:

Details on Mononoke are to be announced.

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