MFB-301 Pro A Vintage Analog Drum Machine With A Twist

This video, via Olivier Ozoux, takes a look at the MFB-301 Pro – an updated take on the company’s MFB-301 drum machine from 1979.

It offers eight analog drum sounds, a sequencer with 16 steps and MIDI connectivity.


  • Eight analog instruments, modified and updated from MFB-301 and MFB-401
  • Step-sequencer with 16 steps
  • 108 pattern memory locations, 36 song memory locations
  • Real time and step by step programming
  • Adjustable, programmable level per track
  • Pitches, note lengths and attacks, programmable per step
  • Pitches, note lengths and attacks, controllable by MIDI CC
  • MIDI-velocity available for all instruments
  • Controllable and programmable from MFB Tanzmaus

Pricing and Availability

The MFB-301 Pro is available now, with an MSRP of 149 Euro.

10 thoughts on “MFB-301 Pro A Vintage Analog Drum Machine With A Twist

  1. mfb makes great sounding stuff but it would be cool if it was in a case that had the option for eurorack. stand alone boxes with more plugs sucks

  2. Dunno if I’m going to be able to resist this one. Sounds amazing and it’s priced like a Volca. Can’t imagine controlling it from the front panel is any fun at all but controlling it from a BeatStepPro or Circuit or something should be good fun.

  3. Hmm…seems interesting but a hear a very noticeable noise floor. Like very noticeable. Hopefully it’s just poor recording

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