New Sounds For Korg Multi-Engine Synths (Prologue, Minilogue, NTS-1)


Sinevibes has introduced two new plugins for Korg Multi-Engine synthesizers, including the prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1:

  • Corrosion is a multi-algorithm distortion processor. It features a total of 5 different distortion curves that enrich the input signal with new harmonics, each doing it in its own unique way. This algorithm is built with 2x oversampling to reduce aliasing, giving a cleaner high-frequency response, and also includes an input noise gate to eliminate static analog noise amplification.
  • DCM8 (pronounced as “decimate”) is a sample rate and bit depth reducer. It changes the input signal’s digital resolution in both time and amplitude domains, degrading its quality. This results in the typical digital distortion – frequency aliasing and quantization noise, reminiscent of vintage sampling machines. The algorithm also includes an input noise gate to eliminate static analog noise amplification.

Pricing and Availability

Corrosion and DCM8 are available now, each priced at $19 USD.

12 thoughts on “New Sounds For Korg Multi-Engine Synths (Prologue, Minilogue, NTS-1)

  1. I love all the oscillators for my Prologue. The resonant combs, FM, waveshaped, phase shifted, modulated, harmonic and inharmonic (and more!) algorithms are a huge extension to the sonic palette of an otherwise well voiced analog. Not to mention the additional LFO and EG’s provided with most osc’s, really make this a success in my studio. Further effects?? Wow! It’s the only synth I keep in my bedroom – and a couple of iPad’s plus an empty space for the UB-Xa!

  2. I can’t develop a really honest opinion of the ‘logue models until a few more types appear. I like both of these as a longtime Korg fanboy, but they seem largely aimed at edgy sounds you’d expect in EDM or experimental modular madness. (Not a bad thing; some real ear-grabbers in there.) I want to hear something creatively *prettier*, although that’s already easy enough to do with the base synth. I like the main DAW controller I have, but with people like Sinevibes adding muscle to the resource pool, I can see adding an XD to my stack. I’m not keen on mini-keys, but for a mad scientist synth like this, you just plain have to hit a key while you spin a knob.

    1. Agreed with these two sinevibes offerings – they are edgy electronic sounds. That’s what I like about the ‘logues, you don’t like the osc? Go on to the next one. I have all 16 slots loaded out of 30+ choices. The shoebridge osc’s are very sweet sounding. The sinevibes have an edgy space they extend to. Roll log’s and dirboxsynth have osc’s with smooth edges too. There’s really a lot of options even now to pick from that doesn’t sound like techno all the time. Up to eight ‘knobs’/osc helps in exploring the sonic space of this synth.

      Forgot to mention Mutable Instruments ton-of-wicked-osc’s too.

  3. Where is the master directory list for the extra ‘plugins’ for these synths?
    Does Korg maintain a register of the all?

    1. Korg maintains a list on the product page. Follow the links for the librarian, you’ll find them at the bottom of that page.

  4. Mmmmm, 4 oscillators….. I once had a hardware MonoPoly and enjoy playing the Legacy version, which adds a lot of muscle to it. The ‘logue family is shaping up to be the successors to that idea and then some. Thanks for posting the models list. I’m not quite at the ‘buy’ point, but that’ll help.

  5. here’s the thing that frustrates me immensely.
    I had the Korg R3. Was a great “V/A” synth, and it (and the Radias) had PM functionality that is very similar to what is in the Prologue, etc.
    However, WHY IN THE HELL did Korg not make the Radias/R3 with real analog oscillators instead of that v/a shite?
    Just like how the Roland SH-201 could have been an incredible synth, had it been real analog! ( I also had one of those, but sold it due to it being v/a).
    Why couldnt’ the true analog renaiisance have began when I actually had the money to waste on synthesizers.
    You bunch of bastards!!!!!!………….;)

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