New Software Synthesizer, Plasmonic, From The Creator Of Absynth, Now Available To Preorder

Composer and developer Brian Clevinger – creator of Native Instruments Absynth software synthesizer – has announced a new software synth, Plasmonic, that he says explores the resonant depth of physical modeling merged with subtractive synthesis.

Plasmonic is released by Clevinger’s Rhizomatic Software Synthesis. Their goal for Plasmonic is for it to approach the depth and detail of an acoustic instrument, while making it easy to shape the sound into anything you want.

Plasmonic features deep modulation capabilities. It also features MPE support, to make it very playable and expressive.

Here’s an example of Plasmonic in action:


  • 4 audio sources:
  • 2 wavetable oscillators with dynamic wave transformations
  • A special impulse generator for making the waveguide ring
  • A noise generator with its own resonant lowpass filter
  • 2 interacting filters:
    • A self-oscillating waveguide provides organic resonance
    • A multimode self-oscillating ladder filter: LP, HP, BP, 1, 2 and 4 pole
    • Each filter can take any combination of audio sources
    • Can be configured in series or parallel
  • Polyphonic saturation
  • Self-oscillating delay effects
  • Deep, precise modulation system
  • Multiple ADSR and LFOs with unique features
  • 6 configurable control macros
  • MPE support
  • NKS compatible
  • Resizable single-panel graphic interface
  • macOS: AU, VST 2 and 3, AAX, standalone, 64 bit
  • Windows: VST 2 and 3, AAX, standalone, 64 bit

Pricing and Availability

Plasmonic is expected to be released in Spring 2020 and is available to preorder now for $99 USD.

13 thoughts on “New Software Synthesizer, Plasmonic, From The Creator Of Absynth, Now Available To Preorder

    1. Agreed… it may imply to potential customers that there isn’t enough left in their buget to complete the project. Seems like an interesting instrument though, & I especially like the simple GUI. I’ll try out the demo, if/when it appears.

      1. Probably just a simple case of getting the word out there at NAMM time and they don’t want to rush the release. Looks a great instrument.

    1. Keith McMillen Qunexus
      It’s ok, I have one,
      it does regular 1V CV Gate just fine, but the Hz/Octave\Volt was reaaal bad (Yamaha CS-15)
      Anyways, it’s a fine, small controller for a laptop. The MIDI Expander is too many cables IMO

  1. This sounds great for ambient & scoring. Few people seem interested in the busy raster graphics of yore. The vector UI is pretty spartan, but at the end of the day I guess the sound is what matters.
    Got a kick out of seeing the Yamaha SY-77 in the demo. I’m very interested. And $99 is a reasonable crowdfund ask for this.

  2. Too bad that he backed down from the amazing Absynth envelopes in favor of ADSR, but I will definitely be checking this out. And if they need help getting to the finish line, why not be part of that help?

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