Blipblox After Dark Not For The Kids

2020 NAMM Show: The creators of the Blipblox toy synthesizer must have realized that adults weren’t letting the kids play with them, because they’ve introduced the Blipblox After Dark synthesizer. The Blipblox adds updated electronics and synthesis options.

And while the original Blipblox features bold primary colors, the Blipblox After Dark offers styling that transforms it into an adult toy that you can use discreetly, at home or on stage.

New features include:

  • Advanced multimode resonant filter
  • Multi-tap stereo delay
  • New oscillator modulation schemes that utilize 256 custom wavetables that can be morphed and scanned.
  • The After Dark’s drums are generated by over a hundred new kick and snare samples that can be individually pitched.

Blipblox After Dark is expected to be available in June 2020 with pricing to be announced.

10 thoughts on “Blipblox After Dark Not For The Kids

  1. The first version does have MIDI. I backed the kickstarter because of that. It’s really just completely useless over MIDI and I assume this is just the same. Velocity? Aftertouch? These people are just trying to sell more of this same board (sunk cost). It’s not a musical instrument that you can play. You get a few very limited tweaking options over their pre-set internal sequences. With small awkward knobs and a wimpy FM sound engine. This is 100% a toy that gets tossed in the closet after a few minutes. Deservedly so. I own one.

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