Free Hydrasynth Update Adds MPE Control, Tighter Envelopes & More

At the 2020 NAMM Show, we talked with ASM’s Glen Darcey, who gave us a quick update on their Hydrasynth polyphonic synthesizer.

They’ve released version 1.3.0, a free update that delivers both new features and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in Hydrasynth 1.3:

  • MPE support ( SYSTEM page 5 )
  • MPE modulation matrix options (Mod matrix page)
  • Warm mode ( VOICE page )
  • Tighter Envelope attack time
  • New presets

The Hydrasynth is an 8-voice polysynth, with an architecture that features (per voice): three oscillators, offering 219 different waveforms; five ADSR envelope generators that offer delay and hold; and five LFOs that offer a total of 11 waveshapes, plus delay, fade in, and smoothing.

It also features an extensive array of controls, a full-size keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch (which allows for more expressive performance), a ribbon controller and CV/Gate connectivity.

Pricing and Availability

The Hydrasynth keyboard is available for $1299 USD, or in desktop format for $799.

12 thoughts on “Free Hydrasynth Update Adds MPE Control, Tighter Envelopes & More

  1. Good news, the module has no ribbon or poly keyboard so when u buy the module u can still use a Roli or what ever to enjoy that experience.

  2. I just took my Hydrasynth home last night. Mine doesn’t have this update installed and it’s still an insane instrument.

    You know how every time an analog synth comes out, some people start complaining about how there’s nothing new out there? I understand that point, and I encourage those folks to check out this instrument.

    I’ll be installing this update soon. In the meantime, I have to get back to messing with it. It’s shockingly good.

        1. Oh, so you all mean new as in “this specific combination of things hasn’t been produced before.”
          However, XD came out before and you can make wavetable oscillators with it. XD came out before the hydrasynth. So… wavetables & analog not new.

          It’s got good features for sure, it’s just not new.

            1. I don’t care if “real” analog or not. This thing definitely sounds better than the XD/Prologue. The XD/Prologue might be analog on paper. But they sound boring. If I want a real analog I will go and get an MFB Dominion 1 or a Moog. There you can at least hear the difference.

      1. The killer feature is the ability to scan between multiple waves–in any order. Scanning between standard waves and a wavetable, for instance. The sound possibilities are pretty endless. When NIck Batt is reviewing a synth, and he says “Crikey”, something is up.

  3. There’s now a 1.3.1 update, which notably adds a per-patch switch to enable the tighter envelope attack time – apparently it was too tight for some uses.

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