Genki Instruments Wave Controller Gets New Software, More Affordable Pricing

2020 NAMM Show: Genki Instruments has announced new software for their Wave gestural controller, along with more affordable pricing.

Wave is a ring controller that gives you new ways to control your gear and software. You wear it on your hand while you play, and it adds new types of expression that you can map to anything that can be controlled by MIDI.

It can also be used with modular synths. Here’s Francesco Fabris at Greenhouse Studios (Björk, Sigur Rós, Brian Eno, Kanye West), using Wave in his modular setup through Wavefront, Wave’s Eurorack Receiver. At the end of the video, Francesco explains his patch and what Wave is actually controlling:

Softwave Now Available

Since Wave’s release last fall, users have had access to a beta version of an application specifically designed to accompany Wave. The software presents a visual overview of the signals coming from Wave and allows users to customize the Wave’s functionality.

Softwave allows users to fully customize Wave by creating their own presets and banks. It lets you map Wave’s functions to your DAW of choice or host favorite VST3 and AU plugins.

Softwave also has a built in sound engine and comes pre-loaded with presets, so you can start exploring Wave’s expressive capabilities immediately.

Pricing and Availability

The Wave is available now for $199 USD.

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