Synthberry Pi, A Standalone Pure Data Synth Based On Raspberry Pi

Artis Lab shared this video demo of the Synthberry Pi, a new synth design based on the Raspberry Pi mini computer:

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers, designed to be a cheap and hackable computing platform.

The SynthBerry Pi is a compact stand-alone synthesizer, capable of running patches created with Pure Data. Eight slide potentiometers are connected to the Raspberry to create a simple control surface that lets you control the sound synthesis parameters.

The video presents the SynthBerry Pi prototype and the sounds that can be created live through a Pd patch that lets you control three oscillators and a delay.

Audio Demo:

See the Artist Labs site for more information.

2 thoughts on “Synthberry Pi, A Standalone Pure Data Synth Based On Raspberry Pi

  1. Brilliant improve piece. I LOVE it! Remember when it took us a month to piece together a piece like this one with lab oscillators, magnetic tape and a splicing block? Now we are FINALLY getting to the point where abstract electronic music old school style can actually be PERFORMED live on the spot. Welcome to the future.

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