ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

AVP Synthesizers’ Guga Gusein shared this demo of their new ADS-7 mk2 – a fully analog drum synthesizer.

The ADS-7 is inspired by classic drum machines/synthesizers of the 70’s and 80’s, with a built-in 16-track sequencer and MIDI control.?

It features 65 controls, 4 switches and 24 buttons, which give you wide control over the sound parameters, sequencer and MIDI. It also has individual audio outputs and individual trigger inputs for each of the seven sounds.


  • ?Fully analog, discrete components;
  • 7 individual sound channels: Bass Drum (BD), Clap (CL), Open Hat and Closed Hat (OH/CH) with choking on/off, 3 separate Generators (GEN) with Band-pass and Low-pass filter options for creating all kinds of analog tones and fx ranging from bass, toms “pew”, snares, noises, zaps, clicks, sticks and more;
  • 65 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options: from standard noise to metallic tones;
  • Built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer (created by Bruno Dupeyron);
  • Up to 16 banks with 16 patterns (256 patterns and 16 chains);
  • Ability to load/save 16 Banks, Patterns and Chains;
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out, Sync;
  • 3.5 mm individual trigger in for each sound (x7 in total);
  • Four 3.5 mm individual trigger outputs to control external devices;
  • Stereo and individual 6.3 mm output for each sound;
  • Tight steel casing and printing;
  • Dimensions: L324xW246xH90 mm;
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg (without power supply);
  • 15 VAC, 220v euro-type power supply (included).

Pricing and Availability

The ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer is available now for 940 €.

5 thoughts on “ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Looks great. It could do with a couple more buttons and LEDs or at least bi-colour LEDs to make the interface and programming clearer

  2. Since I’ll probably never lay hands on one of these in Canada (unless I order one), I’d particularly like to hear this in the hands of a skilled reviewer, like Stimming.

  3. i got excited to see this and then most of the video was demonstrating the sequencer when what i really wanted to hear was a demonstration of the SOUNDS….that kick started off particularly naff-sounding and was the same the whole video. Where was all the knob tweaking to hear its variants?

    1. Well, all the sound tweaking is in the other videos of the previous version (ads-7).
      It does say on their website that it shares the same sound

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